Brazilian Pipefy raises $45M in Series B

LatAm ListPipefy, a San Francisco-based SaaS firm founded in Brazil in 2015 recently raised $45M in a Series B funding round led by Insight Partners. OpenView and Trinity Ventures also participated in this round bringing Pipefy’s total raised to $65M. 

The Brazilian company provides software for workflow management and process improvement, and will put funding into product development and scaling its go-to-market operations. 

“Our vision is to empower every do-er in an organization to create and execute their own custom workflows,” said Alessio Alionço, who cofounded Pipefy with Leandro Johann, Magnus Arantes, and Raphael Costa. “We are excited to bring the benefits of Lean Management to managers in every business — without needing technical skills or lean training.”

According to Alionço, the company is growing at over 300% annually in segments ranging from small businesses and venture-backed startups to large corporations.

Pipefy operates with companies in over 150 countries including Santander, Accenture, IBM, TEDx, Capgemini, EmblemHealth, GE, and Telefonica. The tech company also has offices in Curitiba, Brazil and Austin, Texas.

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