Brazilian startup Bornlogic raises $10M to enhance companies’ digital marketing strategies


The Brazilian startup Bornlogic raised $10M in a Series A round that was led by Astella Investimentos. Other participants in the round were HiPartners, Endeavor Scale Up Ventures and Marcelo Lombardo, CEO at Omie.

The startup’s platform uses a Machine Learning algorithm to help retail sellers build their digital marketing campaigns and create content. The platform provides clients with insights and helps them optimally allocate resources. For example, it offers information on how marketing campaigns perform according to their channel, format, and more. Bornlogic’s founder, André Fonseca, points out the following:

“To improve business strategies, companies need to go beyond reach and engagement metrics. We deliver data about Product Sales, Category, and Brand by measuring the increase in sales and each salesperson’s performance. Today nobody brings this data, which is fundamental for more assertive strategies.”

Besides receiving insights that help them create effective content, sellers can also access an app that offers them tips and ideas for content creation. This app is also powered by the startup’s Machine Learning system, and some of its features include suggestions on which products sellers should advertise.

Its customers, which include companies such as Carrefour, have created and posted more than 7 million videos through the startup’s algorithm. One of the startup’s greatest breakthroughs was to prove to the industry that turning salespeople into content creators can dramatically improve companies’ relationships with customers:

“When the seller creates authentic, personalized, local content on social media, they connect with consumers at high levels of engagement. This ability to charm customers has been hampered by the separation of physical and online. But the digital transformation of sellers resumes the ability for retailers to improve consumers’ shopping experience,” said Fonseca.

The funding will be used by the Brazilian startup Bornlogic to scale the operation and develop solutions such as decentralized sales networks.

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