Brazilian startup Clicampo closes $7.7M round to optimize the fresh produce supply chain


The Brazilian startup Clicampo announced it closed a $7.7M round led by Valor Capital Group and MAYA Capital Fund. 

Clicampo is streamlining the supply chain between farmers and restaurants or grocery stores. The startup works as a supply and sales center: it acquires fresh produce from a network of farmers, stores the items in warehouses, and handles every stage of sales and pricing, payments, picking and packing, and deliveries.  This is an industry where long supply chains create inefficiencies. Clicampo is solving these by providing a technological and logistics infrastructure for small farmers to distribute their products and maintain healthy profit margins. 

Through Whatsapp, farmers can inform which products they have available, and potential buyers can access an inventory and choose the packaging, the ripeness, and the quality of the products they’ll buy. Clicampo aims to expand its solution to the more than 4 million small farmers in Brazil. With their business model, cutting out the inefficiencies means that farmers, restaurants, and grocery stores will generate more profit. According to Victor Bernardino, Clicampo’s CEO:

“Clicampo is building a platform with end-to-end technology and logistics to be the main outlet for small and medium-sized farmers to restaurants and groceries. Wherever there is demand for fresh food, we believe we can help. We match the right product at the right price to the right customer and offer a more convenient service, with a more attractive price than that found in other distributors (…) Our business model is the so-called 40-40: 40% more for those who produce and 40% less for those who buy. The idea is to be an engine for repricing, making food cheaper for those who buy but ensuring fair remuneration for those who produce.”

With the new funding, the startup plans to expand to other cities, increase the number of team members, and access new industry sectors like e-grocery startups and large restaurant chains. Clicampo wants to sell approximately 3,000 tons of fresh food a month by the end of the year.

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