Brazilian travel startup Instavagiem receives US$101K investment from GVAngels

LatAm ListInstaviagem is the Brazilian clone of PackUpGo, a travel startup that plans a trip for you and doesn’t reveal the destination until 48 hours before you go. Based on different price points, the company organizes and purchases everything you need for the trip; you just need to pack your bags and get on the bus or plane.

Instaviagem currently provides a variety of trips within Brazil based on a questionnaire that users fill out on the site. Founded just a year ago by two engineers and a lawyer, Instaviagem has grown quickly and gained the attention of Brazilian angel investors.

GVAngels is made up of alumni of Fundação Getulio Vargas, a Brazilian think tank that meets bimonthly to discuss new startups in the ecosystem. They recently invested R$400K (US$101K) to help Instaviagem grow faster. GVAngels director Fabio Flaksberg hopes the initiative will help grow the angel investor network in Brazil so they can support more startups.

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