Brazilian used-car marketplace Volanty receives US$4.9M investment

In a story originally reported by E-Commerce News and brought to our attention by LAVCA, Brazilian startup Volanty has raised R$19M (US$4.9M) from monashees+ and Canary VC. Volanty is an online marketplace for used cars in Brazil.

In 2017, Volanty received a R$2.5M (US$650K) seed investment from Canary to help develop its platform, hire a larger team, and invest in company infrastructure. Founded in 2017, Volanty was the first Brazilian platform to connect used car sellers and buyers, which helped improve trust between the two parties. Only cars in good condition are allowed on the platform, and the online connection helps improve communication between parties.

Said CEO Mauricio Feldman in the original article on E-Commerce News:

“In the next 18 months, we intend to increase our geographical coverage, improving the market experience, connecting more and more buyers and sellers.”

Volanty plans to expand geographically across Brazil over the next year, while operating from its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

Read more about Volanty here:

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