C6 to start operating in Brazil

LatAm ListC6, a Brazilian digital bank founded by Marcelo Kalim, Carlos Fonseca and Leandro Torres, all former BTG Pactual executives, has been authorized to operate by the Central Bank.

The bank focuses on offering affordable financial services to all types of clients, individuals, legal entities, and startups. In addition to offering its own banking products, C6 will distribute third-party services within its marketplace.

The shareholders’ investments in the project will amount to R$500M (US$135.4M) by December. Currently, the bank’s share capital is R$250M (US$67.6M).

Initially, the bank’s products will only be available to its co-workers and their guests, although they intend to offer services to the public in the first half of 2019.

“Our strategy is to be a ‘low-cost’ bank and not a niche bank. We want  to have products for multiple customer profiles, with a complete offer for each of these profiles,” says Verena Fornetti, a spokeswoman for C6 Bank.

At the C6 Bank headquarters, there will also be a startup hub, Opp, which will house a training program for entrepreneurs providing capital and mentoring.

Read more in Valor Econômico.

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