Canary Ventures invests in Brazil’s Clarke Energia

LatAm List Canary Ventures is a Brazilian venture capital firm that recently led a $600K (R$3.2M) investment round in Clarke Energia, a digital energy management platform from Brazil. Other investors that participated included Fundação Estudar Alumni Partners. This venture forms part of Canary Fund II, which will invest $75M in Brazilian startups.

“Clarke’s founding team wants to change a market that is still very fragmented in Brazil and lacks technological development but has great potential. We were very excited to see a great team form to solve such a difficult problem,” said Marcos Toledo, Partner at Canary.

Clarke Energia helps SMEs manage and reduce their electricity bills with the help of analytics.

“We used to say that Clarke does the math that nobody wants to do for their company. Understanding the electricity bill is often a complex task, but when you understand it you can save a lot of money. In many cases, these savings reach up to 30%,” explained Pedro Rio, CEO of Clarke Energia.

Entrepreneurs can take the “White Tariff” test on Clarke’s website to get a company diagnosis on potential savings.

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