Canary Ventures launches JetPack for Brazil

LatAm ListCanary Ventures, a Brazilian early-stage VC firm, has launched an accelerator program, JetPack, to help entrepreneurs build their businesses in Brazil.

JetPack is designed specifically to help entrepreneurs outside of Latin America to enter the local startup ecosystem. The launch of the program comes after Canary closed a $75M fund to invest in 50 early-stage startups operating primarily in Brazil.

The program will offer funding, networking, professional advice, and access to potential clients, especially for B2B companies, with a focus on the real estate, health care, and financial services sectors in Brazil.

“[Here] we could use a lot of technology to become more efficient,” said Izabel Gallera, the Canary partner leading the JetPack initiative. “Even a little bit of technology could help gain a lot of efficiencies. In Brazil, we have much more explicit opportunities for building something that can solve a real problem.”

Successful companies will have access to office space in São Paulo during the program until its first funding round, which Canary will help to organize and execute, as well as potentially lead. Find out how to apply here.

Read more on Crunchbase.

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