Capria Ventures invests US$60M+ in Adobe Capital and Fen Ventures

LatAm ListCapria Ventures, a US-based global investment firm with an extensive network of fund managers, recently completed its second funding round and raised US$100M, with a US$20M contribution from Vulcan Capital.

The first two firms that will benefit from this fund are Mexico’s Adobe Capital with an investment of US$40M, and Chile’s Fen Ventures with an investment of US$21M.

Adobe Capital is a venture capital firm that primarily funds startups in healthcare, education, and alternative energy sectors. Adobe Capital has previously raised US$41.7M in assets under management during funding rounds held in 2013 and 2017.

Fen Ventures finances seed and early-stage investments in technology companies including fintech, biotech, and software sectors. As of 2018, the firm manages US$21M in assets.

These investments incorporate the firms into the Capria Network, which means they have  access to 16 investors that support startups and early growth businesses in 37 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Capria also offers its firms the Capria System, which includes assessment tools, peer learning opportunities and ongoing support for long-term growth.

Capria manages assets valued at US$259M as of 2017.

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