Carao Ventures invests in AI platform Singularities

Singularities is a startup that offers AI solutions to companies looking to process large amounts of data. While Singularities is based in Silicon Valley, the startup has its main operations in Costa Rica, where Carao Ventures is the most prominent investor. Carao recently led a US$800K seed stage round for Singularities through its investor network.

Singularities recently released a new data analysis platform, Aleph Lab, to help business and operations analysts make better use of data. The company seeks to help businesses of all kinds leverage data more efficiently through data science and AI solutions.

In the press release for LAVCA and Carao Ventures, Singularities founder, Dr. Carlos Araya, stated:

 “…the relationship with Carao has helped Singularities hone its scientific and technical capabilities into the creation of Aleph, as well as its implementation with various strategic clients and the fine-tuning of its business model.”

The investment in Singularities has allowed Carao Ventures to strengthen the firm’s long term interest in developing the field of AI.

Read more on LAVCA or Carao Ventures.

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