CarroYa acquires FacilPass

CarroYa, part of Grupo Aval’s mobility ecosystem, acquired 100% of the shares of FacilPass.

FacilPass is one of 6 government-approved companies that allows Colombians to make toll payments electronically through a tag reading system. As a result of the acquisition, FacilPass services will be available in the CarroYa app, enabling users to request and recharge tags, check balances, and view transactions. 

On CarroYa’s platform, users can list vehicles for purchasing and selling, finance their purchases, and buy insurance. 

“We add the electronic payment of tolls, payment in public parking lots, and soon payment of fuels from the CarroYa app”, said Camila Prieto, CarroYa General Manager.

With an investment of $21M, CarroYa is not only looking to merge technological and operational synergies among the companies but also provide additional solutions to its users.

CarroYa forecasts beyond 10 million toll passages with FacilPass, increasing that figure thrice in the next five years.

Read more on Forbes.

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