Cemex Ventures launches Construction Startup Competition 2020

construction startup competition flyer

LatamListCemex Ventures, recently launched the fourth edition of its Construction Startup Competition aimed at entrepreneurs that are transforming the construction industry through innovative solutions. Cemex Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Mexico’s Cemex, a global leader in the building materials industry.

Cemex Ventures is joining forces with four other industry leaders to launch the competition. These key players are Ferrovial, VINCI Group’s Leonard, Hilti, and NOVA by Saint-Gobain.

The competition invites global entrepreneurs who are willing to disrupt the construction industry and are interested in accelerating their projects’ development by leveraging CEMEX Ventures’ resources and industry knowledge.

The five organizing companies will select ten startups to present their projects in the Pitch Day event. According to the Terms and Conditions there is no territorial limitation to participate in the competition. 

The winners will:

  • gain access to workshops and pilot projects with global construction leaders and industry experts
  • present their startup at the Builtworlds Venture Conference in Chicago with travel and lodging expenses covered
  • have the chance to become part of the investment portfolio
  • scale and expand their business to new markets

The participants will be evaluated on five criteria:

  • Project design & engineering
  • Supply chain management
  • Digital solutions for project & jobsite
  • Innovative building materials & construction
  • Smart & sustainable buildings and cities

Registration for the competition closes on July 26th. 

Read more on Cemex Ventures’ website.

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  1. It is the right time to set initiatives on such competitive activities. These can be creativity instilling for the young minds that are in hibernation mode. I loved the “Smart & sustainable buildings and cities” part. I really hope the plans they come up adhere with the post-covid era that the world is preparing to face.

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