Cheaf and Cencosud partner to reduce food waste in Chile

The Mexican app Cheaf established itself in Chile in partnership with Cencosud to combat food waste in supermarkets.

Founded in 2020, Cheaf’s mission is to reduce waste by selling products at half price that otherwise would be thrown away. Through the app, in Mexico, users can save food and snacks at half price by utilizing a user-based pickup service that also involves bringing their containers to collect the food.

Elena López, co-founder of Cheaf, explained, “Slightly bruised fruit or other items near their expiration date must be removed from the shelves. Instead of being thrown away, these products are sold at a 50% discount through our app, and users can pick them up at the store.”

Cheaf has gained over a million users in Mexico in three years. In Chile, it will focus on supermarket products via Cencosud and plans to expand to other Latin American countries where Cencosud operates, such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Colombia.

To learn more, visit dfsud.

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