Chile has the second most immigrant-founded startups in Latin America

It comes as no surprise that diverse teams often come up with more innovative solution to global problems. Silicon Valley has thrived due to an enormous influx of immigrants, who represent 43% of its founders, the highest in the world. Two other top cities for entrepreneurship – London and Berlin – came in close behind Silicon Valley.

Santiago, Chile made the top twenty, with 21% of its startups currently being run by immigrants. El Mercurio posits that Start-Up Chile has been a big driver of immigration, boosting Chile’s growing tech economy.

“There is scientific evidence that proves that immigration increases the innovation capacity of countries. This was Start-Up Chile’s first goal: to impact the culture through foreigners that have helped us face problems from a new perspective to create global businesses,” said Sebastian Diaz, subdirector of Entrepreneurship at Start-Up Chile.

Santiago comes in second in Latin America, after Mexico City. Companies founded by foreigners have had an undeniable positive effect in Chile, pushing Chile to pass a law for a tech visa last year, which is processed in just 15 days.

Read the original article in El Mercurio or read the Global Startup Ecosystem Report.

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