Latin America is now the fastest-growing m-commerce market

Criteo S.A. has released its quarterly Global Commerce Review and Latin America continues to lead the charge in m-commerce. Criteo found that 48% of purchases in Latin America are made over a smartphone, either through an app or using mobile sites.

In the last quarter of 2017, mobile purchases grew by 51% as compared with 2016.

Criteo’s General Director for Latin America, Alessander Firmino, noted in the original article for PulsoSocial:

“The reality is that having a website is not good enough anymore; brands and small businesses now need more solid structures that are made for mobile devices so that they can provide better service to the customer, such as through an app. It is crucial not to forget the rest of the channels now that the buyer’s journey is much more complex considering the rising number of screens at their disposition.”

The report also tracked consumer habits, finding that people tend to buy on mobile devices after 5 PM and between 6-8 AM. Many consumers are using multiple devices for their purchases, starting from mobile and moving to desktop or tablets. These consumers tend to spend 17% more on each purchase.

The report revealed that mobile-friendly purchasing is becoming the status quo in Latin America so companies of all sizes will need to adapt to the trend.

Read the original article in PulsoSocial here.

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