Chilean Entrepreneur Association (ASECH) launches CLP$500M fund

Last week marked the first meeting of the G100 of the Chilean Entrepreneurship Association (ASECH), the largest association for the support of entrepreneurs in the country. During the event, the group announced the launch of a CLP$500M fund (aprox. US$1M) that will support the growth of the group and the development of further entrepreneurial projects by its members.

The initiative is looking to grow the group to include 100 top business people in Chile and 100,000 associated entrepreneurs by 2020 to help improve the strength of the ASECH network. The fund will provide small investments between CLP$100K (US$155) and CLP$10M (US$15K) to help entrepreneurs start their businesses in Chile.

Nicolas Shea, president of ASECH, stated in the first meeting of the G100:

“…the idea behind organizing these meetings is so that more entrepreneurs – not just business people, because we are all just small, medium, and large entrepreneurs – join the organization and share not just investments, but also ideas, work, and commitment to ASECH’s larger goals.”

The G100 already has more than thirty backers, including Mauricio Russo, Sergio Cardone, and Raúl Ciudad.

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