Chilean entrepreneurs found new Venture Capital fund WeBoost

LatAm ListWeBoost is a new Chilean Venture Capital fund founded by a group of renowned entrepreneurs aiming to support startup growth in Latin America’s main cities.

The fund was created by four leading Chilean entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience in the industry: Marcelo Díaz Bowen, founder of the private business incubator Tremuley, Cristián Velasco Larach, associate partner in I2B Technologies and President of Clinicas BYO, Naim Jadue, founder of K2 Advisors, and Christian Cafatti, co-founder of Urban Investment and FollowUp.

The fund aims to support Latin America’s emerging markets by funding startups in the Fintech, Transport, and SaaS industries.

“We feel that now, with little certainty in the market’s behaviour, is the most important time to invest in the market and support the startups with good ideas and a strong performance in order to help them scale and grow beyond the country’s borders,” explained Marcelo Díaz Bowen, Managing Partner at WeBoost.

WeBoost is looking for startups that have the potential to scale on a global level and currently have more than $1M in revenue. Although the new fund is looking at startups across all of Latin America, the main focus is set on the Chilean, Brazilian, Mexican, Colombian, and Peruvian markets. 

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