Chilean fintech Global66 and Mastercard launch new prepaid card


Chilean fintech Global66 announced the launch of its new Mastercard prepaid card, which allows international transfers and currency exchange. The partnership aims to facilitate access to a global product that incentivizes financial inclusion for millions of people. This new prepaid card comes in response to the demand for affordable, high quality financial products, and after Global66 received more than 20,000 sign-ups on its waiting list.

Founded in 2018 in Chile, the fintech already has presence in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and the United States, Global66 already obtained the CMF license through its Global Card society to issue non-bank payment cards, and became the first and only Chilean fintech to achieve this.

Global66 explains that the card has no extra costs or hidden fees. Moreover, the card allows users to withdraw money in and outside the country in associated ATMs; make payments for domestic services, favorite apps, subscriptions or easily make purchases at any e-commerce associated with the Mastercard network, anywhere in the world.

“Financial products are usually difficult to access and with high or hidden costs. We are convinced this is unfair, which is why our prepaid card is not just a conventional card like many others, but, on the contrary, it is the representation of an alternative that connects multiple services in an ecosystem now easily accessible to global citizens. Now people can have a transparent, economical and secure tool that will allow them to use the money they have through the Global66 multi-currency wallet in a matter of seconds and anywhere in the world,” said Global66 CEO and Co-Founder, Tomas Bercovich.

This news come a year and a half after Global66 raised a $12M Series A round.

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