Chilean insurtech launches International Health marketplace
Matías Stäger Koller and Ryan Kerr, founders of

The Chilean insurtech has announced the launch of, a new platform where clients can compare international health insurances according to their profiles., born in 2017, is the first marketplace in Chile to compare health insurance plans. Clients enter their data in the platform to receive a list of health insurances ranked according to their needs and preferences. This tool contributes to the insurance business and to those who often face obstacles when choosing health insurance plans. Queplan brings transparency to this industry and creates healthier relationships between insurance companies and those who buy their products and services.

The number of people who travel, digital nomads, students who live abroad, and companies that hire global remote teams is rising, and the need for practical ways to buy international insurance is also increasing.

Ryan Kerr, the co-founder and CCO of, explains that “There has been an explosive increase in the number of individuals and companies who, out of necessity or preference, are turning to international health insurance, and our mission is to help them understand and make the right choice.”

This is the opportunity that the Chilean insurtech found to launch, a marketplace to compare international health insurances. The platform brings together all insurance offers and calculates the exact prices in real-time for all companies.’s goal is also to educate, guide and accompany people in choosing health insurance. looks forward to attracting a global market with this product. 

“The pandemic has made us more sensitive to the health issue, to the concern that something might happen to us, and that we might not be able to finance it either. Our initiative connects with the reality of everything that is happening, as people are more aware of these issues”, shares Ryan Kerr.

The company has decided to launch the platform in Spanish, as most tools available already prioritize the English-speaking market. The goal is to launch the platform in two more languages and to exceed the 300k unique monthly visits on the site in the next 12 months.

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