Chilean IoT startup CitySense raises US$1.7M to expand to Mexico

LatAm List – When Antonio García Esquivel and Antonio García Varela founded CitySense in 2015, they imagined constructing the “Waze for pollution.” As they noticed Santiago becoming more crowded and smoggy, they dreamed of covering the city in sensors to measure air quality in real time.

The sensor has developed far past that original dream, now measuring pollution, noise, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and other factors. They have even expanded their IoT products into five solutions, including Airmob, Carmob, and Datmob, which measure air quality, car safety, and human proximity to a sign, respectively.

Currently, CitySense has over 150 sensors in Santiago and looks to reach 1000 by June 2019. In the meantime, CitySense is expanding into Mexico City, where it plans to install 1500 monitors by the end of 2019.

Angel Ventures, Fondo Alerce, and CLIN all participated in the US$1.7M round that will help CitySense fund its Mexican expansion over the course of 2019.

Read more in El Mercurio.

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