Chilean startups have raised over 30 investment rounds in 2018

LatAm List – In 2016, Crunchbase registered just 18 deals for US$3M (total revealed quantity) for startups in Chile. In the first nine months of 2018, Chilean startups have already raised over US$14M through 30+ rounds.

While Chile is one of the top economies for innovation in Latin America, it lags behind Argentina and Brazil in one category: exits. The recent acquisition of Cornershop by Walmart for US$225M is the biggest deal of past few years; between 2012 and 2018, Chile has registered very few acquisitions and exits. To date, no Chilean startup has issued an IPO.

Still, investment in Chilean startups is on the rise. Among the startups that raised significant rounds in the past nine months are: ComparaOnline, The Not Company, TriCiclos, Ipsum, Ceptinel, Capitalizarme, and We Technologies. To read more about these investments, see below:

Chilean foodtech NotCo receives US$3M investment

Chilean recycling startup TriCiclos receives US$2.6M investment

Chilean construction startup Ipsum raises US$1M round, led by Cemex

Chilean monitoring startup Ceptinel raises US$1M

Aurus leads US$1.4M investment in Chilean real estate startup, Capitalizarme


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