Chile’s foodtech NotCo partners with Burger King to launch new product

LatAm ListNotCo is a Chilean foodtech that uses AI algorithms to recreate animal-based foods using only plant components. 

The startup recently partnered with Burger King to launch the RebelWhopper, a hamburger made with 100% plant-based meat that imitates the flavor, texture, as well as the physical appearance of what one would expect from the traditional Whopper. 

Soledad Fantuzzi, Marketing Manager at Burger King Chile, commented that the release of the RebelWhopper was a logical and much-needed step in Chile’s menu to serve thousands of customers who prefer to not eat meat.

“Having a hamburger made 100% from plants allows us not only to satisfy these customers, but to show leadership in the industry with a unique product developed in partnership with a Chilean company of international prestige, which uses cutting-edge technology,” added Fantuzzi. 

The foodtech also recently caught the attention of Jeff Bezos, who contributed $30M to the startup and marked his first investment in Latin America. Other investors included The Craftory, Kaszek Ventures, and Maya Capital.

“Today we comply with our founding promise, to create products that REALLY move the needle: creating a new mindset, impacting exponentially in protecting the environment, in creating a more efficient and nutritious food industry, helping reduce climate change and defending animal rights. That’s what NotCo is all about,” said Matías Muchnick, CEO and founder at NotCo, on a Linkedin post.

NotCo was also recently featured in YouTube’s ‘The Age of AI’, a docu-series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. 

With plans to go public by 2021, NotCo is expected to be Chile’s first unicorn. 

NotCo’s products can also be found in Brazil, Argentina, and the US.

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