Fintech Clave and DeFi platform Credix partner to modernize debt markets in LatAm


Argentinian fintech Clave and Credix, the decentralized credit ecosystem that gives borrowers in emerging countries access to previously untapped capital, announced a partnership to originate, issue and tokenize $150,000,000 of debt in 2023. This way, they plan to modernize debt markets in Latin America, pairing digital loan origination with DeFi and blockchain functionality.

The partnership also advances a shared commitment to financial inclusion and social responsibility. The expansive reach of Clave’s digital origination infrastructure and its broad user base, together with Credix’s decentralized distribution platform, will provide capital to the scores of businesses and individuals previously ignored by financial markets. 

“Within the next decade, debt capital markets will be on-chain and democratized”, said Thomas Bohner, Co-Founder and CEO of Credix. “Credix leads the way. Our partnership with Clave will further Credix’s mission to connect institutional investors globally with attractive, risk-adjusted credit opportunities.”

Clave’s Co-Founder and CEO Pablo Pizzimbono adds, “Clave believes a new financial ecosystem will bridge traditional finance with emerging products built on digital technologies. Thanks to our talent, our business partners and our investors, Clave plays a central role in these developments in Latin America. Our partnership allows Credix and Clave to bring the innovation of tomorrow, today.”

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