Cleaning service startups, Hogarú and Homely, merge to grow internationally

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Colombian startup Hogarú and Mexican startup Homely announced their merger after more than a year of negotiations. This merger represents a business model and geographic expansion for both companies.

Homely is a leading cleaning company in Mexico, providing  80% of its services to the corporate sector. Hogarú is a top domestic cleaning in Colombia, with more than 70% of its services focused on households.

We have decided to merge Hogarú and Homely; two teams aligned on the mission of formalizing domestic work and providing these workers with access to jobs with better protection

Juan Sebastián Cadavid, Hogarú’s CEO.

Together, they expect to grow 42% during 2023. The operation now employs 1,000 cleaning service professionals and 110 administrative team members.

Read more on Forbes.

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