Colombian cloud telephony startup WeKall closes a $1.5M pre-seed round

Colombian startup WeKall has completed a $1.5M pre-seed investment round to create an “empathetic contact center” tool.

The pre-seed round was initially closed in October 2021, but WeKall’s cofounders reopened it to receive additional investments. Some of the participants are Costa Rican Carao Ventures and Chilean Imagine Ventures.

WeKall is a cloud IP telephony startup for businesses. The startup developed a service that integrates with cell phones and provides portability so that work teams can access the call service globally. 

According to Julian Sanchez, cofounder of WeKall, the startup democratizes business communications. Its service allows integration with over 1000 platforms and productivity tools such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and Hubspot, a technology that was previously unaffordable for many businesses. These integrations let clients know in real-time how many calls have been made, how many have been answered, and customer information.

WeKall acquired Vozy’s cloud communication unit and expanded to 11 countries in Latin America in 2022, and will close the year with a turnover of $2M.

The company has among its clients some of Colombia’s largest insurers and EPSs, as well as Frubana, Finaktiva, and Grupo Éxito’s transportation fleet. In 2023, the startup will create an empathetic contact center tool to detect people’s emotions.

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