Colombian healthtech doc-doc receives $1M investment from Cardo Health


The Colombian healthtech doc-doc has received a $1M investment from the Swedish fund Cardo Health.

doc-doc is building Latin America’s largest virtual hospital. Its app connects patients with specialist doctors via chat and video consultations. The startup is transforming healthcare by giving patients access to professional doctors instantly and affordably, as well as centralizing medical history and prescriptions in the app.

“We want digitalization to allow for more humane care for patients and to be able to solve their medical situation immediately. Usually, the average waiting time for a patient in the emergency room can be between 3 to 5 hours, while access to a specialist takes days or months, depending on the medical institution and other circumstances, which is why with the automation of certain processes, we can advance in possible diagnoses to medicate or treat the disease in the shortest possible time,” said Gabriel Castillo, the company’s CEO.

doc-doc’s platform has over 130 professionals specializing in more than 25 health areas, and over 40,000 patients have gone through its consultations. Less than a year ago, the company closed a $500k seed round from investors such as Startup Health, 500 Startups, and Seedstars. Some of Rappi’s co-founders also participated as angel investors.

Gabriel Castillo highlights that the investment comes at a favorable moment to reinforce the new Express Consultations service line. Tobias Strålin, CEO of Cardo Health shared the following:

“We look forward to embarking on this journey with the incredible entrepreneurs of this health tech and are convinced that they can really make a difference in Colombia and facilitate access to quality care.”

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