Colombian proptech unicorn Habi obtains $6.3M credit line

The Colombian proptech unicorn Habi obtained $6.3M through a credit line signed with Bancóldex. With these funds, the company will strengthen its operations and portfolio in Colombia.

Habi streamlines and digitalizes the process of buying and selling properties. After purchasing and renovating properties, they sell them in 45 to 60 days at competitive prices. In May 2022, Habi raised a $200M series C round and gained unicorn status.

The company has also announced that they are looking into an initial public offering, which could be launched in 2024. According to Marcos Kantt, Habi’s CFO, although it is not a priority, the company is seriously considering this option. Habi is paving the way for this to happen by conducting audits and internal controls: 

“Habi is prepared or wants to prepare to operate as if we were public, and if we have that opportunity, we will take advantage of it in due course, but it’s not something we see as an end goal,” Kantt stated. 

Since its foundation in 2019, the company has assisted more than 26,800 families in their home buying and selling processes through its various subsidiaries. The company will now allocate more than $250M to purchase homes in the coming months. 

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