Colombian restaurant chain Bacu raises $6M seed round


Bacu secured a $6M seed investment from Benchstrenght Capital, Hof Capital, Reshape Ventures, H20 Capital Innovation, and Kamay Ventures. Angel investors Simón Borrero, Felipe Villamarín, and Ángela Acosta also participated.

With these funds, the company plans to grow its operation in Colombia, continue developing its own delivery management tool and payment software, and prepare its expansion to Mexico, Peru, and Chile.

“We were born with digital DNA, using technology as our main ally. We seek to make internal processes more efficient, get to know our consumers better, and simplify payments,” said Stephanie Gómez, cofounder of Bacu.

Bacu uses technology to offer an omnichannel experience in its restaurants, allowing customers to order on-site, home delivery, or pick up at the restaurant.

The startup was founded by 3 former Rappi early employees. In the first fourth months of operations, Bacu had sales of over $2.5M and plans to reach 17 restaurants and $15M in sales by the end of 2023. 

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