Colombian startup Rocketfy gets $2M in seed funding round

Rocketfy, the Colombian startup that allows entrepreneurs to create their own e-commerce platforms, has closed a $2M seed round. The seed round comes a year after a successful pre-seed round in which it received a $700k capital injection led by Chile Ventures, Arkfund, and angel investors.

Via Rocketfy, entrepreneurs can create online stores that integrate shipping management, payment platforms, customer management, and catalogs. 

The startup already has more than 7 thousand active users in Mexico and several strategic alliances in the country. The funds raised will be used to reach more than 10,000 entrepreneurs in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

“This new financing round will allow us to reach more people, more presence as a company within the Mexican territory,” said Alejandro Kratc, founder and CEO of Rocketfy.

The company will use the resources for developing dropshipping in the region. Rocketfy also announced the creation of its own social network and a virtual academy for entrepreneurs.

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