CondoConta raises $5.8M from EXT Capital

CondoConta, a Brazilian fintech, raised $5.8M from EXT Capital to expand its capacity of credit concession.

CondoConta plans to triple its operation next year and grow its client base to 10,000, half of whom are expected to use its credit products.

“Investors have been following our trajectory from the beginning until the right time to join forces to strengthen our credit arm,” said Rodrigo Della Rocca, CondoConta’s Co-Founder and CEO.

CondoConta is a “real estate bank”, offering users a digital account for easy condo fee payments and transactions. 

EXT Capital is a spin-off from Domo Invest that focuses on post-seed and expansion.

Founded in 2020, CondoConta serves 3,000 condominiums and has facilitated $96.7M in transactions through its platform.

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