Construction technology startup Obralink gets $2M in funding round

The Chilean startup Obralink has closed a $2M funding round led by Grúas M10 and CEMEX Ventures. Other participants were Carao Ventures and the Chilean construction company Echeverría Izquierdo.

Obralink is a startup that develops specialized technology for the construction sector, an industry where tech innovation is still incipient. ObraLink has stood out as one of the most innovative startups in the field by creating a system that combines Artificial Intelligence, a specialized device, and an automation system for construction sites. 

The startup built a technological device called “CiBot” which can automatically acquire relevant information during the execution of construction projects. The device uses sensors, advanced thermal imaging and BIM. Obralink’s technology frees workers from daily and repetitive tasks, thereby increasing productivity, and reducing costs and project deadlines.

According to Emiliano Pinto, CEO of ObraLink:

“ObraLink has established itself in a disruptive way in the construction market due to its vision of automating critical work tasks through technology. In this sense, we are very pleased to have found investors who share this vision and are willing to push an industry that still has many frictions, but at the same time, there is huge room for improvement.” 

The startup will use this new funding to consolidate its current technological developments and enter other markets and business segments, such as large-scale mining.

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