Curvilux, the smart nightstand, receives investment from Masisa Lab

Two Argentine brothers, Rodrigo and Juan Morelli, invented Curvilux as a solution to the messy nightstands they shared as kids. The smart nightstand can be controlled via bluetooth through a smartphone and can wirelessly charge devices that are placed on its surface. The brothers insist the nightstand is much more than a charging hub; it includes software that allows users to control its technology through the IoT.

In 2017, they were accepted in the Start-Up Chile incubator and recognized by IKEA as one of the most innovative startups of the year. Most recently, Curvilux received an undisclosed investment from Masisa Lab, a Chilean fund that promotes smart design and architecture.

Said co-founder Rodrigo Morelli in an interview with El Mercurio:

“This year, our goal is to grow our sales exponentially, with the help of a new line of products we are about to launch, which will be able to connect to the home’s wifi system.”

They are also working to improve international distribution channels to Chile and the United States, where they already ship via Amazon.

Read more about Curvilux here:

Original article in El Mercurio

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