DataPlor raises $2M from Quest Venture Partners

LatAm ListDataPlor is a Mexican tech startup that indexes micro-businesses in emerging markets. The company is hiring, training, and managing independent contractors referred to as ‘Explorers’. Recently, the company raised a third round of seed capital which boosts their total amount raised to $2M. 

The round was led by Quest Venture Partners and also included Magma Partners, ffVC, Sidekick Fund, and the Blue Startups accelerator.

“A digital footprint is the key-component many Latin American businesses lack. The rapidly expanding online delivery market is proof that, without one, these businesses are missing out on lucrative opportunities,” said Nathan Lustig, the co-founder and Managing Partner of Magma Partners. 

According to the platform’s founder and CEO, Geoffrey Michener, the benefits of DataPlor are numerous. This operational model is helping small offline businesses have a presence on Google for free, creating part-time opportunities for the growing workforce in LatAm, and is using its tech to help Google and Uber become better populated with accurate information. 

Within just three years of operation, 150K small businesses now have a presence on Google thanks to DataPlor.

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