DHI Telecom buys Chilean startup Trinus

LatAm ListDHI Telecom, a US Internet service provider, purchased Trinus. Trinus is a Chilean mobile WiFi and roaming startup which offers users global SIM cards, WiFi and the ability to communicate via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and more in over 85 countries. 

When Trinus launched in 2014, it was the first low-cost roaming telecom company in Chile. DHI Telecom took notice of the startup’s exponential growth since then:

“They have more than 270 companies as clients and have over 5,000 customers. We plan to merge the Trinus Rental WiFi business with our recent acquisitions,” said Wallace Davis, the President of DHI. 

DHI aims to expand Trinus’ reach across Latin America. 

Read more at BioBioChile.

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