Didi Chuxing launches in CDMX

LatAm List – The Chinese rideshare app, Didi Chuxing, is advancing aggressively in Latin America’s largest markets. After acquiring Brazil’s 99Taxis in January, Didi is now expanding across Mexico, most recently launching in Mexico City. Didi was already active in Toluca, Gudalajara, and Monterrey, making CDMX its fourth Mexican city.

Didi Chuxing processes 30 million daily trips and is active in 400+ cities worldwide. While the app works similarly to other rideshare apps, Didi promises to be 5-8% cheaper than Uber or Cabify, its main competitors in Mexico. The Chinese company also claims to audit their drivers more carefully and compensate them better.

For now, the only way to pay through the app is via credit or debit card. However, during its first month in business, Didi will provide 500 MX in credits for new users.

Read more in El Financiero.

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