Didi to start operating in Argentina and Peru

BEIJING, CHINA – 2016/08/02: Hand holding a smart phone with an App of Didi Chuxing. From Nov.1, 2016, ride-hailing services will be legitimate in China, but those offering rides below cost are prohibited. (Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images)

LatamListDidi, a ride-hailing app from China, announced plans to launch operations in Argentina and Peru, in an interview with Simeng Wang, General Manager for South America at Didi.

The platform has over 1.5 million users in Colombia, and recently expanded taxi services into more cities across the country. During the pandemic, the company also provided free transport to over 11,000 healthcare workers. The transport tariffs are currently at their lowest ever.

“Thanks to our technology, users can connect with us as a sensible alternative that is cheaper for their pocket to alleviate the burden caused by the pandemic,” commented Wang.

The company is now planning further expansion across Latin America. They will launch operations in Argentina and Peru, as well as more cities across Colombia.

Read more on La Republica.

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