Doble Impacto and Quest Capital partner to launch a $10M Chilean social impact fund

LatAm ListDoble Impacto, a Chilean crowdfunding platform which invests in social impact projects, partnered with Quest Capital, a public finance firm, to launch a $10M social impact fund in Chile. This partnership marks the first public fund in Chile created for social impact projects, and will focus on areas such as social development, education, culture, and the environment. 

Quest Capital, a general funds manager, will work with Doble Impacto to provide funds to companies causing a positive social impact through the crowd lending platform provided by Doble Impacto. 

The fund is part of a wider project led by Doble Impacto and its parent entity Fundación Dinero y Conciencia, aiming to develop Chilean society and create a positive impact through investment.

Read more on LAVCA.

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