Docket raises $8.06M from Kaszek Ventures, Valor Capital, ONEVC, Canary, and Wayra

LatAm ListDocket, a Brazilian legaltech startup that optimizes the search, management, and analysis of legal documents, recently raised $8.06M (R$35M) in a Series A with Kaszek Ventures, Valor Capital, ONEVC, Canary, and Wayra.

“We want to increasingly reinforce our proposal to help companies gain operational efficiency, not only so that they can close deals more quickly and dynamically, but also to develop their talents in solving more assertive and efficient issues within corporations,” said Pedro Roso, CEO of Docket.

Docket’s solutions help streamline companies’ legal processes such as credit release, real estate development, due diligence, certificate control, asset management, and tax controls using AI and machine learning.

“We believe that solutions based on artificial intelligence can help the growth of Brazil and the evolution of the entire economy. We are very happy with the investment in Docket, which makes the management of companies less bureaucratic, contributing to their efficiency,” said Michael Nicklas, Partner at Valor Capital Group.

Founded in 2016, Docket currently works with customers from more than 20 segments, including financial services, agribusiness, construction, industries, retail, supermarkets, energy, and telecommunications.

“We are very happy to support entrepreneurs of the caliber of Pedro, Flávio and Rodrigo in the mission of reducing bureaucracy in Brazil. When evaluating our investment in the company, we received great feedback from all Docket customers,” commented Santiago Fossatti, Partner at Kaszek Ventures.

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