Duolingo partners with Platzi to provide English certifications for Latin American community


The language learning app Duolingo and Platzi, the edtech startup born in Colombia, have partnered to increase the level of English within the student community in Latin America. 

As part of this alliance, the Platzi’s English language school called Platzi English Academy will provide 200 free Duolingo English Tests to its community. The Duolingo Tests are internationally recognized exams. These exams have been created by Duolingo with the benefit of having nearly as much accounted credit compared to TOEFL tests. 

A significant benefit that this cooperation will bring is that, by partnering with Duolingo, geographical constraints are eliminated, meaning that anyone in the world can obtain the international English certificate.

The main reason behind this decision was due to the pandemic. As more and more Latin Americans have shown an interest in digital training, companies understand the importance of knowing several languages. English is notably a big plus, especially for individuals that are continuously training. 

As of the moment, more than 3,000 universities world wide welcome individuals that have passed the Duolingo English Test. This partnership will therefore open up opportunities for Latin Americans to apply to international level universities. 

Regardless of the 200 free of charge certifications that this partnership will provide, Duolingo’s tests are a more affordable choice in comparison to other English Tests available on the market. When seeing numbers set side by side, this option costs US49$ whereas other services cost US$200. 

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