e.Bricks Ventures invests $9.44M in Acesso Digital

LatAm List – A pioneer in IDtech and leader in facial recognition in Brazil, Acesso Digital recently raised $9.44M (R$40M) from e.Bricks, a Brazilian venture capital firm focused on the digital sector. 

Founded in 2007, Acesso Digital has about 400 clients in its portfolio, including some of the country’s large private banks and retail giants

“We started with document management in a SaaS business when there was little said about it. In 2016, we pivoted to an even larger market, digital identity, applying cutting-edge technologies to solve major challenges such as anti-fraud facial biometrics and the digital admission of employees. The association with e.Bricks will enable us to expand markets and continue to invest in innovation,” explained Diego Martins, founder and CEO of Acesso Digital.

According to Paulo Alencastro, executive director and co-founder of Acesso Digital, since its inception, the startup has always self-financed. 

In 2019, products launched in 2016 increased its revenue by more than 300%. With the funding, the company will invest in new solutions and services, and strengthen its marketing department and leadership team.

“Acesso Digital has been growing rapidly due to the success of its products which bring solutions to large retailers and financial institutions to better serve their customers. We want to be part of this transformation, as we believe in the company’s ability to attract talent and continue to innovate. We are convinced that we will participate in a winning story,” said Pedro Sirotsky Melzer, founding partner of e.Bricks.

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