Ecuadorian cybersecurity startup, Kriptos, receives investment from SixThirty Cyber to launch in the US

LatAm List – Founded in 2018 by Ecuadorian cousins, Christian Torres and Alfonso Villalba, Kriptos, has quickly expanded from Ecuador to Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru within its first year of operations. Their most recent round includes backing from US-based fund SixThirty Cyber, as well as previous investors Barclays, Techstars, Buentrip Ventures, Kruger Corporation, and strategic angels from Latin America and Silicon Valley. 

Kriptos has raised $570K to date and their recent raise will propel the young startup into the US market to help companies protect their documents and data.

Kriptos uses machine learning to automatically classify companies’ internal documents to prevent leakage of classified data. SixThirty Cyber is a cybersecurity-focused fund composed of CISOs of large companies, including Fortune 500, who will mentor Kriptos and other startups to provide them a soft landing in the US market.

“SixThirty understands the cybersecurity industry inside and out, and their network will allow us to land in the US with a running start,” said Christian Torres, Kriptos’ co-founder and CEO.

Kriptos launched their automatic classification software in January 2019 and have since classified over 9M documents for their clients.

Kriptos currently works with over 58 companies in 5 countries and previously participated in the Techstars Barclay’s Accelerator in Israel and Startup Chile. They have received investment from Magma Partners and Ecuadorian angels in the past.

Learn more about Kriptos and SixThirty Cyber here.

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