Flat.mx acquires Hipoteca Genial

Mexican proptech Flat.mx, acquired Hipoteca Genial, a platform that helps streamline the mortgage process. The aim of the acquisition is to strengthen Flat.mx鈥檚 mortgage credit advisory services.聽

鈥淔inancing is a key element for people when deciding to buy a property. We had already built something to provide mortgage advice. As partners with Hipoteca Genial, it became very natural, seeing what they added to our operation, to think about an acquisition鈥, said Bernardo Cordero, Flat.mx cofounder.

This acquisition adds to Flat.mx鈥檚 suite of offerings, which includes buying, financing, appraising, renovating, and other legal services related to housing operations.

In September 2021 Flat.mx raised $20M in a Series A and has made two acquisitions this year.

Read more on Yahoo Finance.

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