Flickplay and MGA Entertainment partner for Bratz® Digital Dolls launch

Flickplay and MGA Entertainment partnered to launch Bratz® Digital Dolls in Q1 2024. Flickplay connects the purchase of digital characters to the culture of locations, empowering fans to immerse in everyday experiences with their favorite characters.

“The Bratz brand continues to grow through reissued doll lines, new dolls, top-tier partnerships, and licensed products,” said Isaac Larian, MGA Entertainment Founder and CEO. “We look forward to working with Flickplay to leverage opportunities with our other globally popular brands through this multi-year agreement.” 

This partnership represents a significant step for Flickplay, emphasizing their commitment to 2-way interoperability. Flickplay allows owners of digital dolls to use them in other blockchain-enabled games and social experiences outside the Flickplay app, expanding the fan experience.

Flickplay aims to be the one-stop shop for fans seeking digital toys, self-expression, and communities.

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