Foodtech Kitchenita raises Pre-Series A of $3M


Argentinian foodtech Kitchenita announced a $3M pre-series A round led by FJ Labs, Newtopia, Magna Capital Partners, Unpopular VC & Flambeau Ventures to consolidate its geographic expansion and digital franchise model.

The startup is revolutionizing the delivery industry and has already landed in Chile and Colombia, where they intend to replicate the success they’ve had in Buenos Aires. 

Kitchenita works under the “dark kitchens” modality and they are scaling the business by franchising its brands to traditional restaurants with idle capacity. The company takes advantage of the collective purchase of supplies and offers a digitization system to restaurants in the “offline” world. With technology and data analysis, it manages to develop brands that consumers are looking for – with 26 of its own so far.

“Just as users use Netflix for their daily audiovisual consumption, we offer varied menus and brands, solving the daily consumption of food for the digital user. Kitchenita is the Netflix of kitchens.”

Gaspard Hambückers, COO and Co-Founder of Kitchenita

Six years ago, Alexandre Boccara and Gaspard Hambueckers arrived in Buenos Aires from Europe. Frustrated by the poor adaptation of traditional restaurants to the online world, they decided to satisfy that hunger on their own and came up with Kitchenita.

With this second round of investment, Kitchenita seeks to consolidate its technology team and disembark in Mexico City and Lima.

Kitchenita closed a first seed round of $500k in February 2020.

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