Frizata raises $4.65M funding round for flexitarian frozen meals

Frizata, the flexitarian foodtech, raised a $4.65M funding round led by SP Ventures. Glocal, Norte Ventures, and various angel investors also participated in the round.

Frizata is a flexitarian foodtech that manufactures frozen food products for retailers across Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. The company encourages a flexitarian diet – less consumption of animal products and an increased intake of vegetables and healthy alternatives.

“We are building a global platform to bring a new generation of innovative food closer to millions of consumers who are rethinking the way they eat every day, with a simple experience, affordable prices and care for the environment. Our purpose is to create better food for more people,” said Adolfo Rouillon, co-founder and CEO.

The platform offers over 50 different food choices, from fruits and veggies to starters, pizza, and more. 

Frizata is launching in San Francisco in September, the first step in its plan for global expansion.

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