Genial Care raises $10M to expand autism care services

Genial Care, a Brazilian healthtech specializing in services for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families, secured $10M in a funding round led by General Catalyst. Canary, Atlantico, IKJ Health Innovation, 1616, Mauro Figueiredo, and João Alceu Amoroso Lima also participated in the round.

Genial Care’s multidisciplinary platform supports children with ASD through text, audio, and video content, as well as face-to-face sessions at clinics or homes.

The funds are allocated across three main areas: proprietary technology, enhancing the app and product ecosystem for clinical professionals, and expanding the network of healthcare professionals and providers. 

Genial Care also supports parents or caregivers with parental guidance, offering educational content and online meetings with specialists and care agents.

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