Glacier Coolers tests successful prototype to prevent glacier melt

In a story originally reported by El Mercurio, Chilean company Glacier Coolers recently declared a successful test of their product that prevents glaciers from melting in the warm summer months. The company, which is backed by Sustentable, IEC, Fundación Chile, and Comendador, used their prototype on a section of the Bello glacier in the Chilean Andes this summer and prevented up to 65% of regular melting.

The device can be installed every summer, then removed in the winter to allow the glacier to continue to grow as it gets colder. This pilot program began last December and ended just last month, proving that the modular system does help prevent glacier reduction.

Currently, Glacier Coolers is working with mining and sanitation companies to develop a sustainable business model. Both of these sectors have a vested interest in protecting glaciers as sanitation companies must measure their impact on water and ice reserves and mining companies are spreading further into the Andes. Meanwhile, the team is patenting their invention and developing a software that can extend the power of the device.

Read more in the original story for El Mercurio.

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