Globant acquires Avanxo, strengthening its presence in LatAm

LatAm ListWith the acquisition of Avanxo, a leading cloud transformation company with a core customer base in the United States, Globant hopes to open up sales and growth opportunities in Latin America.   

The acquisition will add 310 IT employees with expertise in cloud solutions to Globant’s existing workforce of over 7,800.

“With Avanxo, we are expanding our services with the key partnerships Avanxo holds with Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Google, and Informatica,” says Martín Umaran, co-founder and Chief of Staff at Globant. “We have been looking for a company like this for a while. Avanxo is the exact fit for us.”

Globant considers cloud technologies to be essential for a company’s digital transformation.

“We are working with companies to transform their IT departments to digital, so the whole organization becomes digital. The first areas to undergo the transformation are the marketing departments and other areas related to customer experience,” says Umaran.

According to Pablo Villarreal, Globant’s Chief Information Security Officer, one of the main challenges for the cloud ecosystem and digital transformation is security.

“Several years ago, it was a challenge for the IT area and now it is a challenge for the whole company,” says Villarreal.

Diego Maldonado, Avanxo Founder and CEO, says,”We are thrilled to become part of the Globant team. Globant is a premier leader in digital and cognitive transformations, recognized worldwide for its ability to incorporate cloud into its deliverables to enhance customer experience and success.  Globant shares our core values focused on talent development, employee satisfaction, close alignment with our partners, and customer success. By joining Globant, we will be able to broadly expand our capabilities and provide a vehicle for growth for our employees and our partners.”

In addition to the United States, Avanxo operates in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina.

Read more on Nearshore Americas or on Globant’s press release.

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