Globant acquires GUT advertising agency

Globant logo

Globant, an Argentinian software development company, acquired GUT, its advertising partner for three years, to expand into new markets and bring innovative solutions to its clients.

Globant also acquired the marketing agencies Habitant (Spain), Vertic (Denmark), Ad_Bid (Colombia), and KTBO (Mexico), integrating a new network with an end-to-end agency approach enhanced with AI and diverse professionals.

This year, GUT was named ‘Independent Network of the Year’ at Cannes Lions after winning 35 Lions. GUT Buenos Aires was also named ‘Agency of the Year’ and ‘Independent Agency of the Year.

Founded in 2018 by Gaston Bigio and Anselmo Ramos, GUT has offices in Miami, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam and serves over 60 global clients, including AB InBevMercado LibreGoogleKraft HeinzCoca-Cola, and Tim Hortons.

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