Healthtech Daisies acquires Aplícate to build a health platform for women

Co-founders and Team Daisies

The Mexican healthtech Daisies announced it acquired the wellness app Aplícate. The founders of Aplícate, Liliana Medina and Ekaterina Chumakova were also integrated into Daisies’ team.

Aplícate is a wellness app for employees that creates comprehensive and personalized health programs. The app generates nutrition, mental health, and exercise programs in an automated and personalized way.

Aplícate’s founders developed an algorithm that automatically personalizes the experience for each user. It adapts to its food preferences, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and even diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Aplícate was born only 9 months ago, and 4 months after its launch, it reached 1500 users from 6 different companies and started to raise its first round.

Daisies is a telemedicine platform focused on treating women’s health in a comprehensive manner. The platform offers its users nutrition, psychology, gynecology, and skincare consultations, all in one subscription.

The healthtech startup was founded by Catherine Daran, Imanol Daran, and Isabel Salas and is led by Karla Huerta as its CEO. Catherine Daran, Co-Founder & COO of Daisies, shared some insights on the strategy behind the acquisition:

“Timing is very important. In the context of the pandemic, people started to become familiar with remote interactions, so we are having a faster adaptation. It’s the best time for Daisies to grow.”                                                                  

Just 4 months after launching, Daisies already had more than 7,000 consultations scheduled, 4000 prescriptions generated, and 8000 users registered on its platform. Thanks to the acquisition of Aplícate’s technology, Daisies will be able to offer many more tools to its users.

With this new integration, Daisies users will have an immediate, fully personalized meal plan, workout routines according to their goals, mindfulness exercises, and meditations customized to their emotions. 

“We are building this platform by women for women. We don’t just understand the issue, we live it. We want to change the culture through medicine,” explained Karla Huerta, CEO of Daisies.

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